Some of my photography is for sale!  Gotta pay off student loans somehow, right?  I’ve opened up an Etsy shop and a Redbubble shop, both called BSBPhotography.  On Etsy you’ll be able to find digital downloads of my photos, which will give you the freedom to customize how you want to display them in your home or office.  On Redbubble you’ll be able to order actual prints, totes, pillow cases, etc. Many different options to choose from!

If you have any questions/comments, don’t hesitate to send them my way!  Thank you for all your support!



Blog Pic
From my Etsy shop you’ll be able to download digital prints of these photos, all for a flat rate of $3.50


Redbubble Blog Pic
My Redbubble Shop…
Redbubble shop.png
…where you can order my photos in a variety of styles (not limited to just what I’ve shown here)
















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