Archaeology in Canada reaches the news for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes it’s good, other times it’s negative.  Regardless, it’s still worth sharing, whether as a positive tale or a cautionary note.  I’ve decided to start keeping a list here of archaeology in the news with hyperlinks to check it all out for yourselves!  And where there are other forms of online media (i.e. blogs) related to the articles I list, I’ll also try to include those.  It’s listed in no particular order and updated whenever I can find the time!

Campsite dating back 12,000 years unearthed by Route 8

Kamloops home builder in legal battle after unearthing artifacts

Archaeological dig near Walterdale Bridge show show people lived (this is a project I spent many years on, that’s me in the pink shirt and khaki pants!)

Archaeologist dig for answers at new Walterdale site (again, more from the Walterdale project, including a video that I am yet again in, this time wearing a blue shirt!)

Archaeologists make ‘thrilling’ Ottawa rail discovery near LRT line (Guess what, I was involved in this project too. Many of my pictures in my post about archaeology in ON were from this site. This is a TERRIBLY written article, we don’t know the historian who was featured and we were all offended by being called ‘workers’.  There was a much better blog article written, I’ll link to it below)

Remarkable Stone Ruins of 19th Century Railway Roundhouse Unearth at City Centre (much better information about the roundhouse, and if you enter a google search you’ll see other blogs which have written about this site since we uncovered it)

Here’s a link to the Stage 2 report about the roundhouse, though my last name is spelled wrong!

Group having a blast with Kingston’s past (yet another project I was part of)

Heiltsuk First Nation village among oldest in North America: Archaeologists

Study reveals unique glimpse into Bridge River aboriginals spanning 1500 years

Archaeologist mourns upcoming loss of ‘state-of-the-art’ lab in Dartmouth

Glass beads, ring, pipe, offer clues to Fort Edmonton history

Edmonton river valley dig unearths arrowhead that could be 3,500 years old