Photo: Me emerging from the forest on the Sunshine Coast of BC, unintentionally looking cool while trying to get my boot out of the vine it was trapped in. Photo taken by Kenzie.

Home page photo: up close and personal with some shell midden on the Sunshine Coast of BC. 

If you’re going to be checking out this website, I figure you should probably know a little bit about me.  And I’m going to list it in point form because why not?


  • I’m an osteoarchaeologist (used interchangeably with bioarchaeologist)! Meaning I work with human skeletal remains from archaeological sites to learn not only about that individual’s life in the past, but about life in the past as a whole.  Which I believe will help us better prepare for the future.
  • I’m from Steveston, B.C., which is just outside of Vancouver (For those Once Upon A Time fans out there, Steveston = Storybrooke)
  • I currently live in Ottawa, ON, while my husband completes his PhD in microbiology at the University of Ottawa (he studies RNA pathways of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a bacteria responsible for a wealth of problems)
  • Despite being a dog person, I have 3 crazy cats
  • I have loved sharks since I was little and know a lot about them, which leads me to
    Me (on the right) and my amazingly accurate wooden skull

    being very interested in conservation efforts to protect sharks around the world!  I encourage everyone to look into how they can become involved in local or international shark conservation efforts!

  • I am totally in love with B-horror movies, which all started with a movie my cousin and I bought called “A Crack in the Floor”
  • I love mystery/horror novels.  Stephen King and Michael Critchton are my favourite authors, and recently I was asked by a Canadian mystery author to assist with his research into forensic anthropology for a novel he was writing (“The Same River Twice” by Stephen Legault, published October, 2015).  Yup, you’ll see my name in the acknowledgments
  • I’m also the co-owner/operator of the blog, “Reviving Rex” (which one day we will actually get up and running)

My Education:

  •  I’ve got an Associate of Arts degree in Criminology, from Kwantlen Polytechnic University (2007)
  •  I’ve got a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology (focused in osteoarchaeology), with a minor in First Nations studies, from the University of Alberta (2012). I spent half of my BA at the University of British Columbia before I transferred to U of A
  • I’m currently a Masters student at the University of Toronto.  My project involves mortuary archaeology on the Northwest Coast, specifically within the Coast Salish region, and a brand new style of glass bead never before reported in Canada!

My Work:

  • I volunteered at the Yuille Forensic Psychology Laboratory at UBC during the summer of 2007
  • I worked as a Collections Technician over two summers at the Richmond (BC) Museum (2008) and the Steveston (BC) Museum (2010)
  • During the summer of 2008 I attended an archaeology field school on Menorca, off the southern coast of Spain, excavating a Roman necropolis and examining the human skeletal remains excavated
  • I worked as a Research Associate at UBC’s Laboratory of Archaeology from 2007 to 2009 (I received an Arts Undergraduate Research Award for the summer of 2009)
  • I volunteered in the Physical Anthropology Laboratory and Dr. Pamela Willoughby’s laboratory (examining palaeoanthropological sites in Tanzania), both at the U of A, from 2009 to 2010
  • From 2011 to 2014 I worked as a Cultural Resource Management (CRM) osteoarchaeologist with Turtle Island CRM, specifically on the Walterdale Bridge Replacement project in Edmonton, AB (excavating sites, First Nations consultation, monitoring construction, co-supervising our large team of field techs)
  • From 2014 to current, I work as a CRM osteoarchaeologist with In Situ Anthropological Consulting on the Sunshine Coast of BC (excavations, construction monitoring, surveys, artifact processing/analysis). I also work closely with the staff of the Tems Swiya Museum to work on collections management
  • Since 2015 I’ve been involved with the shishah Archaeological Research Project (a collaborative project between the shishalh Nation, University of Saskatchewan, and University of Toronto)
  • From 2016 to current, concurrently with In Situ, I work as a CRM osteoarchaeologist with Past Recovery Archaeological Services, in Ottawa, BC (excavating sites, construction monitoring, surveys, artifact processing/analysis)
  • Starting in September, 2017, I’ll be volunteering in the research department of the Canadian Museum of Nature, with an Arctic archaeology collection
  • I’m also currently in the process of helping developing/write a chapter for a new open access textbook on North American archaeology!  It’s in the very early stages of development and we’re hoping to have it published by next (2018) summer

And between all of these archaeology-related jobs, I spent 9 years working in retail.  I had to pay for school somehow!

I also currently volunteer with a national organization called Let’s Talk Science, which is dedicated to promoting education in the STEM fields to classrooms of all different ages.  I have published two online articles through their website, CurioCity, about archaeology and bioarchaeology

“What puts the bio in bioarchaeology?”

“The dating habits of archaeologists, part 1: radiocarbon dating”


  • Frucht Memorial Student Conference, University of Alberta
    • 2010 – Poster, “Artifical Cranial Modification Among First Nations Populations of British Columbia” (won first place in the poster competition)
    • 2011 – Poster, “Differential Diagnosis of Tuberculosis, Leprosy, and Treponematoses: Does aDNA Help?”
    • 2012 – Poster, “The Pathologies of Wolverine (Gulo gulo) K981.02″
  • Canadian Association for Physical Anthropologists Annual Conference
    • 2015 – Invited speaker, “Two cases of  Bipartite Coracoids from the Trail Bay Site (DiRw-28), Sechelt, British Columbia”
  • Canadian Archaeological Association Annual Conference
    • 2017 – “A New Style of Glass Bead from Garden Bay, British Columbia”

Select Awards

  • University of Toronto Fellowship
  • Memorial University Fellowship (declined)
  • Arts Undergraduate Research Award (UBC)


  • Canadian Archaeological Association
  • Archaeological Society of British Columbia


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