Vote For Me: The Canadian Science Publishing Visualizing Science Photo Contest!

Pic: The Canadian Science Publishing Facebook page.  My photo is the very right side in the middle row

This is definitely a shameless self-plug post asking you to take a look at a photo I have entered in a contest and vote for it.  Just warning you.

The Canadian Science Publishing group has a fantastic science photography contest each year called Visualizing Science.  The photos are all people’s choice – meaning YOU have the power to select a winner!  This year there were three categories to enter photos in: from the FIELD, from the LAB, and from the MACHINE.  Now 176 photos have been posted on the Canadian Science Publishing group’s Facebook page, awaiting your votes!  All you have to do to vote is “like” a photo.  Take a scroll through all the amazing photos, and take a moment to pause on mine and give it a like.  I promise it’s a beautiful photo of some shell midden from this year’s field season in BC.  You can vote for as many photos as you’d like, so make sure to give some other photos a like as well!  But only after you’ve liked mine 😉  Thanks for all your support!  And enjoy all the beautiful photos showcasing the incredible variety of Canadian science being practiced!

Photo contest me.png


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