Knowledge Feature – Science Twitter

Pic: Image from the American Scientist blog post I’ve linked to in this post

Twitter is hands-down one of the most amazing networking tools available.  The best part about it: it’s free!  I always recommend Twitter to those who are wanting to get more involved with science, whether it’s being part of the science community as a scientist or as a non-scientist wanting to learn.  Twitter is a hotspot for an incredible wealth of science.  There’s HUGE diversity of fields and research topics being tweeted about, with the added bonus of bringing the scientists behind the science into the light.  Believe it or not, scientists are human too.  With real human emotions, opinions, and lives.  Through following us on Twitter you get a somewhat candid glimpse into the real world of science.  You hear about the successes and the publications.  But you also get to hear about the difficulties, mistakes, and failures (remember when I said we’re human too?).  Most importantly, however, you get to learn SOOOOOO much about the world around you.  Have a question about something?  Ask a scientist on Twitter!  We’re always happy to answer questions, or to point you in the right direction as to where or from who you might find those answers.

I’ve done it.  I’ve convinced you to join Twitter.  Or perhaps level up your already existing Twitter account.  You’re interested in meeting science Twitter, but you’re not sure where you should start.  First of all, if you’re interested in some of the science behind science Twitter, check out this article talking about the analytics of what makes certain science accounts more influential than others.  Or, if you are a scientist/early career scientist, this article talking about the benefits of Twitter for scientists. From there, my suggestion is to search hashtags to find people to follow.  Try searching a hashtag for a specific topic you’re interested in, like #archaeology, to find people relevant to that topic.  Or, if you’re like me and you want to broaden your science horizons to include a wide variety of researchers/topics, try these hashtags:

  • #WomenInSTEM
  • #BlackandSTEM
  • #actuallivingscientist
  • #ScienceTwitter

You can also catch me tweeting at @bones_canada.  Happy tweeting!

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